How often should I go to the dentist?

The answer to this question is not the same for everyone. A dental professional considers many factors when deciding on a suitable recare schedule. It is the job of the dental professional to make recommendations based on your oral health needs, not on what your insurance will cover. More frequent visits may help you to achieve your oral health goals.

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Things dental professionals consider when deciding on the recare interval:

Inflammation - This is a significant consideration since inflammation in the mouth can negatively affect overall health. Studies show that there are links between oral health and systemic health. The bacteria from the mouth can travel through the bloodstream to other areas of the body, which may increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, and other diseases. Tell-tale signs of inflammation are red, tender and swollen gums, bleeding when brushing and flossing and bad breath.

Periodontal Disease - This is a form of gum disease that has progressed to the destruction and loss of the bone supporting the teeth. More frequent cleanings are needed to maintain the bone and keep the inflammation under control.

Cavity Risk - When someone has a high risk of cavities, it is essential to have regular check-ups to find any decay early before it becomes a more serious dental issue. 

Calculus/Tartar - Some people are more prone to getting tartar build-up and need more frequent cleanings to prevent gum disease. 

Oral Hygiene - How well you can keep your teeth clean between dental visits.  Motivation and ability are considered. Those with dexterity issues may need more frequent cleanings. 

Pregnancy - Hormones produced during pregnancy can increase the risk of inflamed gums. Since gum disease is linked to preterm births and low birth weight babies, it is essential to monitor oral health during pregnancy carefully.

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Diabetes - Gum disease and diabetes are closely linked, especially with uncontrolled diabetes. Those with diabetes may have delayed healing and less resistance to infection, making them more prone to gum disease. 

Lifestyle factors - Those who smoke or drink a lot of coffee and tea may have increased staining of their teeth and may need more frequent cleanings. Smoking is a significant risk factor for periodontal disease, so that will also affect the recare interval.

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Orthodontics - Braces, brackets, bands, and wires make it harder to keep teeth clean. Usually, more frequent cleanings are recommended. 

There may be other individualized factors that your dental professional will take into consideration. You and your dental professional can come up with a recare plan that works for you both. Call us to get started now: 905-286-1569


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