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tips to make brushing fun for your child


It can be challenging to get your child interested in brushing and flossing at home. However, it is recommended to help your child brush and floss their teeth until around the age of 8. Children under eight typically lack the ability and understanding of proper brushing. Also, the first permanent molars erupt around six years old and may be particularly susceptible to cavities if they are not properly cleaned. Listed below are some helpful aids to get kids interested in brushing and flossing.


Timer/ Song

Using a timer helps to make sure the brushing is the full 2-minute length. You can either use a sand glass timer or a song with a 2-minute length. This way, the timer or the song will tell the child when they are finished brushing. It can also be useful when helping your child brush their teeth to show you when the 2 minutes is up. A timer or a song is a great aid when your child begins brushing their teeth on their own. 


Toothbrush/ Floss Wands with Fun Characters 

It can be helpful when a child sees their favourite characters on their toothbrush and floss. Brands offer a wide range of products with various characters, in a variety of colours. It may be a good idea to let your child come to the store with you to pick out their toothbrush and floss wands.

flavoured toothpaste for kids


Flavoured Toothpaste

Tooth brushing will go smoother when your child likes the flavour of the toothpaste they are using. It may be beneficial to try a few different brands or flavours to find the one that your child likes best. You can try purchasing several sample-sized tubes of toothpaste. This may make it easier during brushing time to do a thorough job. Make sure the toothpaste is non-fluoridated before three years old. Always use just a small amount of fluoridated toothpaste after three years old. 


If you have any questions about oral hygiene cleaning aids, or about making tooth brushing fun at home for your child, we encourage you to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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