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October 27, 2014
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Braces ImageMalocclusion (irregular bite and/or spacing issues) is a common problem. Many people have bite irregularities and/or crowded/spaced teeth. And this can put your oral health in a pinch. That’s why orthodontic treatment is the most recommended and effective treatment for improving the look, function and overall condition of the teeth.

What Types of Braces are Available? 

Traditional, metal braces aren’t the only option available to adults, pre-teens and teenagers. Other types of orthodontics devices include metal/plastic brackets, lingual braces (placed behind the teeth), and plastic aligners.

Which Type of Orthodontic Treatment Works Best?

For severe cases of malocclusion, traditional, metal braces are the recommended orthodontic device that patients will need to consider. A mild to moderate case of malocclusion can be treated with lingual braces, tooth-colored braces and plastic aligners.
Your dentist will recommend an orthodontic plan that caters to your particular dental needs.

What Happens Without Orthodontic Treatment? 

If you don’t treat a misalignment of the teeth and/or jaw, it could put you at a disadvantage. For some people, untreated malocclusion will allow friction between the teeth, causing tooth wear (damage to the enamel).
Plus, for every patient with malocclusion, there will be problems with oral health because it’s harder to clean between and around each tooth.

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